About Us

The Serbian Political Science Association (SPSA) is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit association which aims to

  • Promote and develop academic and professional work in political science
  • Promote political science as a separate discipline of social science
  • Popularise political knowledge and its application in education, political life, journalism and among wider public
  • Promote and organise political science research
  • Identify and improve academic and professional standards and ethics in the work of political science graduates
  • Promote teaching in our discipline
  • Establish and improve professional communication among academics, researchers and graduates in political science
  • Establish cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and experience with relevant associations in Serbia and in other countries.

The Annual Conference of the Serbian Political Science Association gathers academics and researchers in political and social science from Serbia, other parts of the Balkans and influential authors from other regions, especially from post-communist states, Western Europe and North America.

The Serbian Political Science Association is a collective member of the International Political Science Association (IPSA), the European Confederation of Political Science Associations (ECPSA) and the Balkan Political Science Association (BPSA).


Leadership and Governance

The SPSA Assembly

Presidency. Members: Dušan Pavlović, Slaviša Orlović, Nebojša Vladisavljević, Aleksandra Krstić, Biljana Đorđević.

Supervisory Committee. Members: Jelena Lončar and Bojan Vranić.

President. Dušan Pavlović