15th  Serbian Political Science Association Annual International Conference


Venue - Faculty of Political Science, Belgrade, September 25-26, 2021

Abstracts submission deadline - August 1, 2021

Apply at - politicke.nauke.srbije@gmail.com

The Fifteenth Serbian Political Science Association Annual International Conference responds to the growing need to explain political, economic, and social processes dominated by disinformation, misinformation and fake news. Fake news has become one of the main methods of governing and the instrument for creating and maintaining political influence. It is necessary to explain where this growing influence comes from, which institutions protect true information, and what are the warning mechanisms that check and combat disinformation. 

The academic and professional communities have a significant role in analyzing such phenomena. They are called upon to contribute to defining policies and strategies to deal with  fake news and disinformation not only in the field of journalism and media, but in the society as a whole. Academic community also has the responsibility to communicate the facts and reliable data obtained by rigorous research more transparently to the public. 

We therefore invite scientists, researchers, media analysts, journalists, and civic activists to join us in trying to explain:

  • Which institutions need to be strengthened or built to combat fake news and disinformation?
  • How do political and social agents—political parties, political and civic movements, and citizens—react to fake news?
  • What is the future of informative chaos we live in?

* * *

The Serbian Political Science Association publishes two academic journals, annual conference proceedings and various other publications.

The BPSA hosted a round table on the rise of illiberalism and far right extremism at the 2016 Annual Conference of the Serbian Political Science Association in Belgrade.