The Serbian Political Science Association Annual International Conference
Conference, 26-27 September 2020
Belgrade, Faculty of Political Science


The pandemic has brought considerable changes in every area of social life, including private and family relations, healthcare, culture, economy, media, and politics and international relations. The consequences have been mainly harmful so far. The question is whether negative effects will persist or trigger responses from governments and other relevant actors to prevent approaching ecological, health, economic, and political crises.

The biggest changes have occurred in politics. The lockdown brought about many restrictions and prohibitions of human rights. The lockdown was inevitable, but concomitant abuses were not. To what extent were the restrictions legitimate and proportional to dangers posed by the pandemic? Will the human rights regime, notably in the sphere of privacy, endure lasting damage? The pandemic made us revisit the issues of privacy, economic and social justice as well as the idea of a welfare state.

We invite academics to seek solutions in the field of family, social, and healthcare policy, European integration, democracy, and, above all - the protection of human rights.

Сабор политиколога одржан jе 28. и 29. септембра 2019. године на Факултету политичких наука у Београду. Програм конференциjе jе организован паралелно на српском и енглеском jезику. Укупно jе организовано 14 панела, 7 на српском и 8 на енглеском jезику, jедан округи сто (традиционални округли сто Балканског удружења за политичке науке) на енглеском jезику и представљање књиге The Presidentialisation of Political Parties in the Western Balkans.

Удружење jе у 2018. години са локалним партнерима у Нишу и Зајечару организовало две трибине под називом „Конституционализам и уставни дизаjн у демократскоj рецесиjи”.
Naslovna strana zbornika 2018

Зборник радова са Сабора политиколога „Конституционализам и уставни дизаjн у демократскоj рецесиjи“, одржаног 22. и 23. септембра 2018. године, изашао је из штампе. Зборник можете преузети овде.